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National Security Agency – America’s Orwellian Big Brother

“The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Be Careful of Your Communications and Web Content)”

If Big Brother isn’t watching you now, they will be soon! The National Security Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Defense, is planning on building the largest Federal Spy Center in the United States. The NSA is the sister spy organization to the Defense Intelligence Agency or DIA of the Department of Defense. Legally, neither organization has the right to spy domestically under the Constitution of the United States of America and since the first National Security Act became effective on September 18, 1947, (signed on July 26, 1947, only 20 days after the Roswell UFO Incident).

“The National Security Act of 1947 (Pub.L. 80-253, 61 Stat. 495, codified at 50 was an Act of Congress signed by PresidentTruman on 26 July 1947, which realigned and reorganized the U.S. Armed Forcesforeign policy, and Intelligence Community apparatus in the aftermath of World War II. The majority of the provisions of the Act took effect on September 18, 1947, the day after the Senate confirmed James Forrestal as the first Secretary of Defense. His power was extremely limited and it was difficult for him to exercise the authority to make his office effective. This was later changed in the amendment to the act in 1949, creating what was to be the Department of Defense.”

You are not only being outsourced by your country, but if Big Brother (the NSA) isn’t watching you now they soon will be. As the FBI issues Request for Proposals for software to spy on Social Media web sites, the NSA plans on spying on the world using all electronic media, both nationally and internationally, at their disposal.

This is in addition to the NSA’s high-resolution satellite video, audio, and electronic surveillance. The NSA and other U.S. Government Agencies, (including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire Arms, & Explosives (BATFE or commonly known as the ATF), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the United States Secret Service, the United States Marshals ServiceNational Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Council (NSC)), are using aerial surveillance drones of every make and model, both military and private industrial, in conjunction with State, County, and Municipal Law Enforcement assets to spy on United States private citizens without due process of law as specified in the United States Constitution.

As a member of the US Department of Defense the NSA has no legal right to spy on US citizens. NSA national and inter-national surveillance will be expanded with the building and implementation of this new ultra-modern and expansive data center. The NSA will conduct their surveillance without accountability to the Department of Homeland Security nor does it seem that the Department of Justice will interfere with NSA operations.

With the building of the new NSA super data center facility they will be able to tap into all other United States Federal, State, Territorial, County, and Municipal surveillance technology to coordinate their Orwellian Policy. They will also be able to tap into foreign intelligence and  law enforcement assets.

As a member of the U.S. Department of Defense the NSA has no legal right to spy on US citizens. NSA national and international surveillance will be expanded with the building and implementation of this new ultra-modern and expansive data center. NSA surveillance without accountability to the Department of Homeland Security or the Department of Justice.

The National Security Council, (made up of the President and Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon’s Joint Chief of Staff, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Director of National Intelligence (DNI). and the National Security Advisor), will wield totalitarian power over all citizens of the United States.

With no oversight, (or obviously insight) provided for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice there will be an attempt on their respective parts to acquire intelligence from the NSA to supplement their own means of gathering domestic intelligence on anti-american agents, activists, and parties, both domestic and foreign, and of their activities to do harm to the security of our nation. The Department of Homeland Security is actively involved in equipping their agencies with the latest technologies available for gathering this intelligence. One such resource available to DHS is its own U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Database. DHS’s Federal Bureau of Investigation plans on spying on Social Media web sites and their subscribers. This will add to their already growing number of Cyber-Space Surveillance Technologies currently implemented and planned for implementation.

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While the Department of Defense, and its National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency carry on domestic national spy programs on U.S. Citizens violating the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights; the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation declares War on the White House, Director of National Intelligence, and the  Central Intelligence Agency.

The FBI investigation sanctioned by the Department of Justice of CIA Director General David H. Petraeus exposed his extra-marital affair which FBI officials identified as Ms. Broadwell leading to the immediate resignation of General Petraeus. The Department of Justice has now succeeded in removing one of very few military minds which has successfully protected this country from attacks by terrorists throughout the world.

The DOJ and FBI has succeeded in making this country far more vulnerable to terrorist attacks in the future by removing one our generation’s greatest military and counter-intelligence minds. They have also created a vacuüm which the DoD‘s NSA and DIA is all to willing to fill by increasing their violation of individual freedoms under the Constitution of the United States.

The White House, Director of National Intelligence, and the Congressional Senate and House Committees where caught totally by surprise by the charges levied against General Petraeus. The credibility of the entire Federal Law Enforcement, National Intelligence Agencies, and National Defense Agencies are now in question.

Many questions surrounding National Security need to be answered. First of all; Why did a Federal Agency not coordinate its investigation with all National Security Agencies since one of the most important Agencies was at the center of the investigation. This was the primary reason the Department of Homeland Security formed after 9/11. Yet all protocols to protect the citizens of this Nation were circumvented.

The damage done is enormous. The complete destruction and career of one of the United States most decorated military and counter-intelligence leaders over an extra-marital affair which employees, agents, and lawyers in the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation would not be able to deny themselves. Nothing was gained by this investigation while the interests of National Security have been highly compromised. The White House’s advisers and the President’s Cabinet will now be focused on what other nefarious investigations being conducted by the FBI while the DoD Agencies continue to violate the Constitution of the United States and the rights of private citizens with impunity.

But one thing which has become most prominently obvious. After investing hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in the Department of Homeland Security it  continues to flounder about with no real charter as an entity bloated of uncoördinated Federal Agencies and hundreds of billions of wasted tax dollars while providing no real services to this country or its citizens. The other obvious deficiency is the Department of Justices ability to effectively investigate and prosecute real national security threats to the citizens of this country.

The Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense need to be investigated by a joint Congressional National Security Committee to assess the charters of and necessity for some Agencies and possibly the existence of DHS as a Federal Government Entity.

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