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Category Archives: Wildlife and Game Enforcement

So there is no misunderstandings about the content of this blog I am a Gun Rights Advocate.

In recent years our Southern States Wildlife Fish and Game Officers have been caught up in enforcing laws dealing with illegal immigrants, drug smuggling and illegal plant growing operations, human and wildlife pollution violations, and an increase in poaching crimes. It is known that all these illegal entities have associates who act as watchers or an early warning system for these illegal activities when law enforcement shows up to patrol and protect our ranches, wildlife preserves and Native American Reservations.

It is time for law-abiding citizens to expand their neighborhood watches or create new preserve watches to offer an extended web of information gathering to inform our Fish and Game, Border Patrol, ICE, local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Native American Tribal Police. These agencies do not have enough resources to have eyes everywhere for locating and apprehending these criminals.

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