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My deepest respect, admiration, and blessings for the journalists killed and wounded in Libya and their families! We question how their courage and dedication can possibly ever be replaced. We hope that their memory is rewarded with a flock of young talented journalists to try their best to follow in Saintly footsteps. May they be remembered before the World and Providence. Tim Hetherington, 40, and photojournalist Chris Hondros, 41, were killed by a mortar attack. Two other photographers, Guy Martin was in serious condition and Michael Brown’s injuries are reported not to be life-threatening.

If Gaddafi’s forces are not discriminating foreign journalists from attack then what of Libyan civilians? Only worse can and should be expected. This at a time when Defense Tech of is reporting  “Western Troops Trickling Into Libya”  consisting of British SAS and British Armed Forces Officers and French Forces as a ” military liaison advisory team“. What is really needed from the NATO countries is a Brigade of French Foreign Legion and four French Armored Calvary Regiments bolstered with Heavy Weapon Platoons. The British could send in Mechanized Infantry Regiments to hold the ground that the French Forces have taken until UN Troops can relieve them.

The closer NATO Troops get to Tripoli the sooner it is End Game for Gaddafi and his supporters.

I’m sorry we can not send in Islāmic forces unless they fly the UN flag. However the French and British are in a better position to coördinate Air to Ground support. The United States would continue to support logistics and intelligence missions. 

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